Gift Certificates

WE ARE NO LONGER SELLING HATS. Rather than deleting this page, we are leaving it up, hoping to provide inspiration and a template for kids who want to help others. Feel free to look through the site, and keep fighting hunger any way you can!

Gift Certificates help fight hunger

Want to give someone a hat, but can’t choose from our fabulous selection? Let them.

To order a gift certificate, choose the dollar amount (each gift certificate costs $5 more than the value of the certificate to cover shipping when we mail the hat), enter the name of the recipient and their address.  We’ll take care of the rest! (paypal has been deleted to avoid confusion)

Front of Gift Certificate

Back of Gift Certificate

We’ll send them a gift certificate with your name, certificate amount, and ordering directions.

It’s a super easy way to give a great hat as a gift AND help feed the hungry.

Questions?  Please email

Gift Certificates
Name of recipient
Address of recipient

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