Our Crew

So many people help us fight hunger!

Andrew, Founder and CEO

Andrew Castle founded Hats for Hunger in 2008 when he was 9 years old.  He was inspired by a Heifer International catalog and starting knitting and selling hats to raise money. In 2008, Hats for Hunger raised  $1,500 for Heifer International.

Charlie, Sales and Marketing

Andrew quickly recruited his younger brother Charlie (then 7) to knit and sell hats.

Rachel, Web Design and Social Media

Mom couldn’t be left out of the fun, so Rachel frantically knit along side the boys.  She also started playing with website design and social media.  A Facebook group led us to all kinds of amazing volunteers, fortunately, many of them knitters because her entire family was developing carpal tunnel!

Hannah, PR Manager and MN Rep

Sarah, Creative Director

Hannah, our 9 year old PR Manager and Minnesota Representative created an incredible video to recruit knitters.  She started a group on Ravelry, emailed bloggers and sent us 100 hand crafted hats!  She is known to Hats for Hunger fans by the well earned title of “Hannah the Fabulous.” Her mom, Sarah, is full of incredible ideas and now has the lofty title of Creative Director.

Anya, NV Rep

Anya joined us when she moved to Nevada.  She tells lots of people about Hats for Hunger and sells hats at local conferences.  Her mom, Deb, has done an incredible job soliciting yarn companies for donations. Almost all fiber donations have been thanks to her hard work.


In 2009, Nathan posted a video interview of Andrew on his website and told all of his Twitter followers about Hats for Hunger. He quickly became our head cheerleader and the person we email when we can’t figure out how to make stuff work. He happily answers our silliest questions about technology.

297 donated hats from K1-D2


Thank you to everyone for helping to fight hunger one hat at a time.

A few of our volunteer knitters:


Kim Kantola on February 6, 2011 at 8:46 am.

Hi Gang!
Just saw this post on facebook “I just started my first cable hat with chunky alpaca in a yummy milk chocolate color.”
Do you love the pattern you are using? Is it a pattern you can share? The reason I ask is I bought a bunch of alpaca yarn last year while on vacation and got home to realize that I hadn’t gotten enough to make a whole sweater!! So, I was thinking of making a variety of small things with it, hats, scarves, etc.
I noticed you are selling special fiber hats for more $$ and would love to send you an alpaca hat for this!!
Let me know how your hat comes out, my alpaca is chunky also.


Hats for Hunger on February 7, 2011 at 8:17 am.

Hi Kim,

So far, I’m loving the cable pattern I’m using. It’s a freebie that I found on Ravelry: http://www.tangledness.com/html/holiday_2010/cranberry_sauce.html Also, we have group on Ravelry if you would like to join us over there: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/hats-for-hunger

Hope you like the pattern and looking forward to seeing your hat! (hint!hint! :-) )


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