The kindness of strangers

By | January 31, 2011

Donated hats

Hats for Hunger has received over 600 donated hats in the past year.  We are surprised, excited, renewed, awed, etc. every time a package arrives on our doorstep (and they arrive often).  Who are these people who lovingly knit hats and mail them to someone they don’t know?  Even more awe-inspiring than the hats themselves are the notes that invariably come with each package.  The notes thank us, praise us, make us feel great about what we are doing.  But really, it’s the knitters who are the ones who should be thanked and praised.

In a world filled with war, poverty, suffering, and, of course, hunger, we are constantly amazed by the kindness of strangers.  This project has renewed our faith in humankind.  I often think that we, as a family, have gotten more out of Hats for Hunger than Heifer International has.  They get the money, but we get the goodness.

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